Alopecia is loss of hair from the scalp or body, causing a gradual decline in overall density. Thinning hair is a common symptom seen before hair loss. If your hair is thinning out, you can consider it as the progression of hair loss. There are many reasons that cause alopecia such as hormonal imbalance, irregular diet, stress, fungal infection, compulsive pulling and many more. However, genes are the largest factor in hair loss.

Hair loss is an outcome of disharmony of internal balance. In other words, hair condition shows the status of health. There is limit in treating the fundamental problems if you only treat the scalp to improve the hair condition.

Life cycle of hair

Anagen -> Catagen -> Telogen -> Fallout -> New Anagen

Healthy hair has a cycle of growth period for 3 – 5 years and then 3 – 4 months of resting period during which the actual hair falls out, followed by the growth period again. However, due to many causes, some of which are listed above, healthy hair follicular cycle is interrupted, causing a premature shedding of hair that has not fully matured. In some cases, the follicle never returns back to the growth period from its resting state. The focal point in treating alopecia is restoring the hair follicle and recovering the healthy cycle.

Everyone has different causes of hair loss and different scalp types. For optimal results, the treatment should be customized to the individual’s current condition of the scalp and hair follicles. It is unfortunate that most hair loss treatments seem to focus on scalp care when the root of the problem is located far from it.

Oriental medicine focuses on finding and treating the root of the problem. It can be applied to hair loss since hair loss is closely related to the balance of one’s internal body condition as well as their scalp condition. In many cases, warmth can be felt at the crown of the head, which is due to over-production of internal body heat. Such heat can cause an over-secretion of sebum and interfere with the nutritional supply from the blood vessels, leading to thinning of the hair as well as premature shedding. Since there are many causes to hair loss, it is recommended you consult with a professional and receive a proper diagnosis.