FAQ Page

Why shouldn’t I eat dinner?

It is a way to shorten the period of weight loss program. If you don’t change your eating habit the longer period will be needed to reach same result. Most of calories from breakfast and lunch are consumed throughout the day but dinner is not most of the time and they are easily led to fat accumulation, so limit the dinner.

Why do herbal pills look different in color and quantity?

The color of the pills can vary depending on the concentration. Quantities are slightly different, but the total amount is consistent.

My weight does not change. Is there anything wrong?

The speed of weight loss may vary for different individuals. Weight change can be seen as early as one week or take as long as one month, depending on the individual.

What if I cannot control the appetite?

There are about 10-20% cases where appetite is not suppressed. It is recommended to have milk or yogurt or some fruits before meals.

Are herbal pills all the same?

Pills are prescribed individually based on the consultation. Therefore, each prescription can differ in dosage and ingredients. So it is not recommended to share the herbal pills with others. Every month the dosage will be adjusted depending on your progress.