The primary cause of obesity is the intake of a larger amount of calories than burned. Recently, however, a variety of factors other than excessive intake contribute to the occurrence of obesity. Television, video games, computer usage, Internet usage, and the sedentary lifestyle have led to a reduction in the exertion of calories. Meanwhile, many instant food products, high-fat, high-calorie, low-fiber foods, and irregular eating habits, such as frequently eating out, have led to increases in caloric intake. Therefore, this imbalance of caloric consumption and usage has led to increased levels of obesity in all ages, from childhood to old age.


The Puremind weight loss program consists of a consultation with medical professionals, during which the percentage of body fat is measured and dietary habits are reviewed. Afterwards, treatment begins, consisting of herbal medicine, dietary therapy, exercise therapy, and yo-yo prevention programs. The foundation of the treatment is diet and exercise. The adoption of this program should be tailored to the individual’s specific needs. Also, herbal therapy is essential for the body to adjust to the new eating habits and lower heat capacity of the body.